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> I think this type might become more useful if we find a good name for it
> and better document it. For example, it is a natural fit for parameter list
> of Chris’ callable type proposal.
> Since this type accepts duplicate “keys” and does not provide key-based
> lookup, the first thing that deserves a rename is “Key” generic parameter.
> I recommend naming it “Label”.
> This type represents how a dictionary literal *looks*, not what it *means*.
> When we consider the look of it, a dictionary literal is an array literal
> where each element is labeled.
> I can’t think of a really good name, but we may be able to find a more
> accurate and less confusing name.
> Some of the more accurate names are:
> LabeledElementCollection
> LabeledValueCollection
> LabeledValueList
> LabeledList
> By the way, why this type does not conform to any of the collection
> protocols while duplicating a lot of collection APIs?

+1 to “LabeledList”

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