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>> I wouldn't go as far as to ask to fade out ! but in all my code I end
>> up doing == false just for readability. That ! knows who to hide
>> himself too well :P
> Yeah so do I. ! is a very narrow character and totally changes the meaning of 
> the logic.
> That said, I can’t come up with a clearer name than “== false”. inverted() 
> isn’t helpful. toggle() on a mutable Bool is good, though.
> - Karl

>> Nate:
>> I would have gone straight to a proposal, but I think we can do some
>> bikeshedding about the name of `toggle`?
>> Another verb that could work is `invert`.

I prefer `toggle()`/`toggled()` to `invert()`/`inverted()`.  I could go on 
about why but I'm not 100% that this extension adds sufficient utility that it 
passes the inclusion bar. I would vote against adding them under either name.

I feel more strongly about `.isTrue`/`.isFalse`. I don't think we need them.

-- E

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