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> You probably want to check out this repo: https://github.com/Zewo/Reflection
> It's clever stuff. Really, really reliant on implementation details of the 
> runtime to function, so I'd be loathe to use it in any sort of production 
> application, but as a proof of concept it shines.

From what I've seen, they're groveling our runtime metadata records, which are 
definitely subject to change without notice. I wouldn't recommend following 
their example, since we actively want to change the layout of things they're 
hardcoding. What Chris was referring to was the "remote mirror" library, which 
is used to support the Xcode 8 memory debugger, and is also in the long-term 
what we want to migrate in-process reflection facilities like the Mirror type 
to. The `swift-reflection-test` and `swift-reflection-dump` tools in the Swift 
compiler codebase might help give you a sense of what's currently available:


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