In your opinion, `baseURL` is a factor more important than `path`. I can not 
unaccept your answer. But I want to know why? Is there a standard on URL 

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From: Greg Parker <>
Sent: 星期六, 十月 15, 2016 05:40
Subject: Re: [swift-users]  Why can't we get `URL` equal on the same path?
To: Zhao Xin <>
Cc: swift-users <>

On Oct 14, 2016, at 7:33 AM, Zhao Xin via swift-users <> 
As you can see, `URL` is not equal but the `path` is. I wonder why urls do not 
equal here?
let url = URL(fileURLWithPath: "foo/bar", isDirectory: false)let baseURL = 
url.deletingLastPathComponent()let newURL = URL(fileURLWithPath: "bar", 
isDirectory: false, relativeTo: baseURL)
print(url == newURL) // prints falseprint(url.path == newURL.path) // prints 
Here's one reason:    print(url.baseURL == newURL.baseURL)  // prints false

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