First note that any of the alternatives here require an approved CCC before pushing.

As I wrote in the bug the fields in JRootPane are not used. Making it a public supertype is no more useful than just deleting it. This like hiding the peers which was a much
bigger change so please just delete these fields.

I don't understand the reasoning behind changing "bumps" to be of the super-class type Icon
and introducing a new variable that is what is then used.

Since "MetalBumps" is package private we should be able to safely assume no one has been using these fields without the aid of reflection and I doubt anyone found a need.
And that won't work in JDK 9 with upcoming jigsaw changes
If you wanted people to usefully access these then you'd need to make MetalBumps public. I *am not* suggesting that .. just pointing out that the alternatives I see are either
make it entirely public, or entirely hide is as being a mistake.
So make the fields all private and do not provide the non-useful public replacement. And I mean remove today. In JDK 9. This is not as radical as it seems since left as
it is they are useless to anyone as you cannot use them.

Also createDirectoryComboBoxRenderer(..) can be made private too.

Finally, when these are resolved you should be able to re-enable lint !


On 10/17/16, 4:22 AM, Alexandr Scherbatiy wrote:


  Could you review the updated fix:

MetalBorders.bumps and MetalScrollBarUI.bumps fields are nor marked for removal any more.


On 10/14/2016 3:23 PM, Sergey Bylokhov wrote:
Is it necessary to remove tese fields? For example MetalScrollBarUI.bumps looks similar to other fields MetalScrollButton.increaseButton/decreaseButton.

On 13.10.16 16:15, Alexander Scherbatiy wrote:


Could you review the fix:
  bug: https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8167176
  webrev: http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~alexsch/8167176/webrev.00
  - Inaccessible classes returned by public API in swing are changed to
their public super classes.
  - Fields which expose inaccessible classes are deprecated and marked
for removal.

  Changing a public field type to its superclass is incompatible change
with previous releases. However it is not possible to use a class which
is not exported in JDK 9 because of the modularization feature.


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