BTW. Looks like this bu was reported before here:

And the test was updated because our radio-buttons in the native L&F-Aqua behave in the same way as the native cocoa equivalents. Can you confirm that?

On 11/08/2018 15:14, Sergey Bylokhov wrote:
Hi, Krishna.
Is it possible to deduplicate this code, I guess it should.

On 11/08/2018 08:21, Krishna Addepalli wrote:
Hi All,

Please review a fix for JDK-8208640:

Webrev: <>

The problem is that the arrow key navigation for Aqua L&F was not implemented, which is why neither the tab keys nor the arrow keys were allowing to navigate through the radio buttons through a button group.

Proposed fix is to copy the implementation from Basic L&F into Aqua L&F. Also fixed the test that was written to include the Aqua L&F to be tested, and it passes on Mac successfully.



Best regards, Sergey.

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