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> Am 29.09.2017 um 12:19 schrieb Simon Ryf <si...@swinog.org>:
> Dear SwiNOG supporter,
> this is the official Call for Paper email. Please send your proposal to 
> swinog-core (at) swinog.ch <http://swinog.ch/> or directly to me.
> The 32nd meeting of the Swiss Network Operators Group (SwiNOG) will be held 
> in Berne on top of the Gurten on Thursday November 09 2017.
> Important Dates for SwiNOG#31
> 29.09.2017 Call for Papers
> 03.10.2017 Registration opens
> 22.10.2017 Call for Papers closing
> 22.10.2017 Final publication of agenda
> 03.11.2017 Registration closes
> 05.11.2017 Deadline for all slides
> 09.11.2017 Meeting day
> Topics for Presentations/Talks
> The number and length of presentations per session is not fixed, although due 
> to time constraints we would prefer the length of the presentations to be 
> between 5 to 45 minutes.
> Here is a non-exhaustive list of typical SwiNOG meeting topics:
> - Security - DDOS Mitigation - AntiSpam
> - IPv6
> - Open Source tools
> - International view of the internet (incidents, outages, measurements)
> - Routing
> - Server applications (DNS, Web, etc.)
> - Legal issues (B‹PF, etc.)
> - Telecommunication politics (Net Neutrality, Incumbent monopoly, etc.)
> -> PLEASE feel free to talk to us about any kind of topic and collaboration!!!
>    You can always start a discussion on the list - I'm sure people join in.
> Language of Slides and Talks
> The whole day will be held in English, therefore we kindly ask you to produce 
> your presentation in English.
> Submission Guidelines
> All submissions must have a strong technical bias and must not be solely 
> promotional for your employer.
> Please remember that your presentations should be suitable for a target 
> audience of technicians from varied backgrounds, working for companies whose 
> sizes may vary considerably.
> To submit a proposal for a presentation, we request that you provide the 
> following information to <swinog-core at swinog.ch <http://swinog.ch/>>:
> * the name of the presenter (and if applicable your affiliation)
> * a working email address
> * the name and number of the topic which will contain the presentation
> * the title of the presentation
> * its expected length (in minutes)
> * a short abstract of the presentation (so we know what it is about)
> We also welcome suggestions for specific presentations which you feel would 
> be valuable to the SwiNOG community.
> Please be aware that your presentation will be published on the SwiNOG 
> website after the event. We can publish modified slides if requested - it 
> might be that some confidential data will be presented by you which are not 
> intended for publication on the internet.
> Greetings,
> Simon Ryf
> SwiNOG Core Team
> General Information (SwiNOG Community)
> The Swiss Network Operators Group (SwiNOG) is an informal group of people who 
> are concerned with engineering and operation of the Swiss Internet.
> SwiNOG exists to enhance the quality of Internet services available in 
> Switzerland. It does this by fostering the free exchange of technical ideas 
> and information between different companies and organisations.
> SwiNOG is a community for professionals who are operating, designing or 
> researching the Internet. It provides a technical forum where those working 
> on, with and for the Internet can come together to solve problems with every 
> aspect of their (net)work.
> The meeting is designed to provide an opportunity for the exchange of 
> information among network operators, engineers, researchers and other 
> professionals close to the network community.
> More information about SwiNOG can be found at http://www.swinog.ch/ 
> <http://www.swinog.ch/>, Facebook, Xing, 
> Information about the meeting will be published at 
> http://www.swinog.ch/meetings/swinog31/ 
> <http://www.swinog.ch/meetings/swinog31/>
> General Information (SwiNOG Organisation)
> The SwiNOG Organisation Association is a non-profit association under article 
> 60 and further of the swiss civil law. It manages the SwiNOG community 
> ressources (domain, web, mailing-lists, etc..) and organises SwiNOG meetings.
> Contact:
> SwiNOG Organisation
> 8000 Zurich
> Switzerland
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