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> Am 31.10.2017 um 20:30 schrieb Simon Ryf <si...@swinog.org>:
> Dear SwiNOG community,
> Agenda for SwiNOG #32 on Tuesday 09.11.2017 on top of Gurten.
> Registration <https://register.swinog.ch/> ends 03.10.2017 23:59:00, after 
> that - please write us for late reg (with extra costs).
> We still have time for Lightning Talks, if you’re up for it, you’ll get a 
> free voucher for the next event or if submitted before 06.11.2017 – for 
> SwiNOG#32
> CHF 100.- for 5 minutes (just saying…)
> Agenda
> http://www.swinog.ch/meetings/swinog32/ 
> <http://www.swinog.ch/meetings/swinog32/>
> Sponsor Presentation / tba | tba (Extreme Networks)
> Free Range Routing or how we ditched OSPF for BGP unnumbered (based on 
> RFC5549) | Manuel Schweizer (cloudscale.ch <http://cloudscale.ch/>)
> As a contributor to the FRR project, I’m going to explain what FRR is and how 
> we at cloudscale.ch <http://cloudscale.ch/> are using it. Furthermore, I will 
> shed some light at why we chose a certain x86-based hardware platform and 
> provide a future outlook of where FRR is heading.
> Network Unit Testing with SaltStack | Urs Baumann (INS - Institute for 
> Networked Solutions)
> Enabling unit testing in the network with Nuts (network unit testing system) 
> and SaltStack. Technical presentation how the open source software Nuts uses 
> SaltStack to test the network.
> colt onDemand - from visions in 2012 to reality in 2017 | Andreas Glag (Colt)
> SwissIX Update | Manuel Schweizer (SwissIX)
> SwissIX Update
> Flowmon DDoS Defender | Pavel Minařík (Flowmon)
> Flowmon DDoS Defender is a scalable anti-DDoS solution leveraging netflow 
> data from routers or dedicated network probes for real-time detection and 
> automated mitigation of volumetric attacks led against customer’s 
> infrastructure.  It provides the state of the art detection with automated 
> mitigation within a minute, deep understanding of attack characteristics and 
> a full-range of methods for successful attack mitigation ranging from 
> alerting (e-mail, syslog, SNMP trap), traffic diversion (PBR, BGP, RTBH, 
> Flowspec), execution of scripts, mitigation in cloud with Scrubbing centres 
> or on-premise through specific out of-band DDoS systems.
> if (network == server) { magic happens } | Attilla de Groot (Cumulus Networks)
> Automating the network has become common practice. One thing that we don’t 
> want to automate are operator mistakes on a fabric level. How can this be 
> prevented by building a CI/CD environment using Cumulus, NetQ, Ansible and 
> Gitlab.
> Introduction to LoRaWAN | Christian Mäder
> LoRaWAN is a network stack designed mostly to retrieve data from IoT sensors 
> with limited power source. This talk will be an introduction to how this 
> network stack works; like how it does the addressing and routing or what it's 
> secrecy promises are.
> Piranha: where all the fishy routes meet... | Pascal Gloor (Quickline)
> Do you really know what's going on in your BGP? Analyse your BGP in realtime.
> Update - Communityrack.org <http://communityrack.org/> and Community-IX.ch 
> <http://community-ix.ch/> | Markus Meier (Communityrack.org 
> <http://communityrack.org/>)
> Community Update
> Social Event
> Looking forward to seeing all of you!!!
> Simon
> SwiNOG
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