You sure that the change didn‘t happen from plug 2 to 1?!

Plug 2 is (mostly) using Swisscom‘s BBCS infrastructure, while plug 1 belongs 
to ewz and is used by other service providers (Disclaimer #1: this applies only 
to Zurich, other locations may differ; Disclaimer #2: Init7 is using both plug 
1 and 2 in Zurich for Fiber7, but not BBCS).

The latency drop could explain if your connection is no longer on BBCS, as it 
usually adds about 5 to 10ms.

Fredy Künzler

Init7 (Switzerland) Ltd.
Technoparkstrasse 5
CH-8406 Winterthur

> Am 29.11.2022 um 12:49 schrieb Fabian Wenk via swinog 
> <>:
> Hello Mat
>> On 29.11.2022 10:41, Mat Kowalski via swinog wrote:
>> For interested, here are 3 graphs presenting the drop. For every graph the 
>> left side is OTO#1 and the right is OTO#2. Monday morning was the time of 
>> changing the line:
>> 1) <>
> I do have a connection on OTO Plug 1 in Zürich, even with the EWZ provided 
> Fiber/Ethernet bridge (4 Ethernet-Ports), with one port used for a line to 
> Cyberlink (1 Gbit/s).
> External physical systems within Switzerland are mostly 2 - 2.5 ms with IPv4, 
> IPv6 sometimes slightly more.
> The DNS at / 2001:4860:4860::8888 has 1.8 ms.
> And the VM I have at, has 4.7 ms (IPv4), and 5.2 ms (IPv6).
> Almost a decade ago I had a MC2-based (copper) line with 10 Mbit/s from 
> Cyberlink and I do remember that for systems within Switzerland it was also 
> at ~3 ms.
> I also have a Sunrise/UPC Cable connection with IPv4 only, there the latency 
> is ~21.5 ms and 25.4 ms (for the VM). But during the night (since around end 
> of August) it is significantly higher, sometimes even above 50 ms. This is 
> not the first time and it usually does improve again after a few month, e.g. 
> when they split the cable segment into smaller areas.
> So for me it seems that your ISP probably has the most influence for the 
> latency of your line with their infrastructure and transit behind.
> Best regards,
> Fabian
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