The last Fest caused me to focus more on Emergency Power. The recent storms continue to cause Power Outages. Maybe portable power will be the subject of a talk next year?

My past focus was more toward operating radios disconnected from the AC mains. I have a couple of flashlights at home to handle power outages. I also have an old fluorescent light camp lantern for an area light. There are a number of camping items that can be used for emergencies, like small pop-up LED lanterns. I am thinking of getting a couple of small pop-up LED lanterns that I could put in the suitcase and keep around for emergencies.

I got a LED headlamp to put in the car and for fixing things in dark places. They are more handy for nighttime tire changing than trying to deal with a regular flashlight. I used to have an big maglite in my old car and did not bother to get a flashlight for my new car until now. I put a small LED flashlight in the glovebox and my suitcase.

USB seems to be a popular power connector for low wattage connections. I carry an eight ampere-hour (8Ah) power bank with a USB connector in my laptop bag. I used it during the Fest to recharge my phone's battery. The power bank is recharged via USB. I also have a 5Ah one from the Radio Shack liquidation.

Another camping item is a 40 watt LED bulb with a switch that connects to USB. An 8Ah power bank should power the LED bulb from four to eight hours. I also have an Aspect Solar Energybar 250 containing a 250Wh (20Ah) battery, 4 USB ports, one 12V output, and one 110VAC outlet. The Energybar can be recharged through an AC Adapter, DC Adapter, or Solar Panel. Unfortunately Aspect Solar is out of business, but other companies make similar devices. Anker is introducing the Powerhouse 200 with a 200 Wh battery this summer.

So I am planning on updating my emergency lighting and putting the Energybar in the trunk when I travel. I will likely not face another power blackout at a hotel again, but it is best to be prepared.

73 Eric

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