*Great idea for a topic near and dear to my heart Eric. I live in a rural area at the end of a dead end road, at the end of the powerline and said powerline is serviced by a REMC. Needless to say, the power service isn't always stellar. Longest outage so far has been five and a half weeks. Several power blips almost weekly and shorter outages of one to three days or three to five days are more familiar than they should be.*

*I'm not as familiar with USB devices as you are as I don't have a laptop or tablet or cellphone as I live in a dead zone for cellphones. I do have a ton and a half of NiMH rechargeables, mostly Tenergy brand. Triple A, double A, C, D and nine volt. I have three electric chargers and six or seven solar chargers. Even C.Crane sells an inexpensive solar charger in the twenty to thirty dollar range. All the clocks in the house but one are now battery powered. Have several battery powered fans in two sizes. O2Cool brand from Amazon. Pencil sharpener is battery powered. More radios than I can count are battery powered. Several flashlights and lanterns are battery powered. Before the digital debacle I even used a little battery powered TV during outages. Tape players, CD players are all battery powered. Kerosene heater for power outages in winter. Driveway alarm is battery powered, weather unit is battery powered and I'm sure after this message is sent I'll remember other things that are battery powered. I have so many things battery powered I don't think of them as unusual. Several different types of headlamps. The remote for the VCR and the remote for the decoder box for the TV use rechargeable batteries also.*

*                       John*

On 3/11/2018 10:16 AM, Eric A. Cottrell wrote:

The last Fest caused me to focus more on Emergency Power. The recent storms continue to cause Power Outages. Maybe portable power will be the subject of a talk next year?

My past focus was more toward operating radios disconnected from the AC mains. I have a couple of flashlights at home to handle power outages. I also have an old fluorescent light camp lantern for an area light. There are a number of camping items that can be used for emergencies, like small pop-up LED lanterns. I am thinking of getting a couple of small pop-up LED lanterns that I could put in the suitcase and keep around for emergencies.

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