On Jul 11, 2013, at 12:09 PM, Richard Jones <rich...@cottagelabs.com> wrote:

> Hi Phil,
> Yeah, multipart is critically broken across all implementations.  The
> Apache Commons/Java approach doesn't work at all (notwithstanding
> Eddie's workaround), and the python implementation is highly variable
> (depending on framework used), but none of them truly work.

The commons-fileupload approach doesn't work because that library doesn't claim 
to do multipart/related and therefore, unsurprisingly, it doesn't. 

It's largely trivial to implement multipart/related support. I reported this 
bug and provided a fix over a year ago and mentioned it again on the list last 
October. It's a bit misleading to say it's broken across all platforms when it 
feels more like a studious avoidance of just applying the bug fix.
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