On 2018-04-09, 08:38 GMT, Jaak Ristioja wrote:
> First, technically there is no difference between branches and 
> tags in Subversion [1]. So the tags are not actually tags in 
> SVN in the sense of snapshots, but actually work exactly like 
> branches. Keeping these as git tags in git mirrors is a matter 
> of preference, but it might not work well if these "tags" are 
> ever (accidentally?) updated in SVN.

You are right, and my appreciation of SVN (not very high even 
before, https://youtu.be/4XpnKHJAok8?t=3075 :) ) just decreased 
a bit. I have probably not understood what tag and branch means 
in the SVN world (and I have to admit, I don’t care that much).

> Secondly, your mirror seems to missing some empty directories (the
> BibleTime mirror handles these using the `clone --preserve-empty-dirs`
> workaround documented in `git help svn`):

You are right, that's a bug and I will reclone.

> Thirdly, your mirror is missing the rest of the branches which 
> are present in SVN,

Do you mean CrossWire, sword-1-4-x, sword-1-7-x, sword-1-8-x, 
wdg, and wince? I have them here, I have just never pushed them 
to the gitlab, because I don't need them personally. I could if 
ever anybody asks for it.

> and there's also an extra branch named "czech-locale".

Well, generally, this is not meant as a publicly used mirror, it 
is my private git repo for doing my work on Sword, so this is my 
branch I would love to have merged to the upstream SVN 

> Finally, since the commit authorship information in your repository
> seems to have been rewritten, the mirroring is, strictly speaking, not
> that exact. Additionally, if your mirror is synchronized with SVN
> automatically, I doubt the automation can properly rewrite authorship
> information if new users commit to the SVN repository.

I can anytime fix authors.txt file (or whatever svn.authorsfile 
configuration points to) and rerun with 

> Concerning preservation of authorship information in Sword++ [2], which
> is based on the [3] mirror, we've opted to use a .mailmap file (git help
> shortlog) instead of rewriting history. I think that updating that file
> poses less problems than rewriting history in a mirror. So the BibleTime
> mirror works well for us.

See above, I just update one line in authors.txt file as well.


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