Le 28/09/2023 à 18:13, Aaron Rainbolt a écrit :
Hey, thanks for your help!

I was able to just repack and remove most everything offending. I figured I should share the info upstream so that if there was anything you wanted to do on your end, you could, but obviously if you're comfortable keeping things as they are, I don't have a problem with that :)

I'll submit a patch for the Python bindings, the fix was fairly simple.

As for ftpparse, I could potentially try writing a replacement myself and license it as GPLv2. We already probably have a good starting point since the FileZilla project is under GPL-2.0-or-later, and appears to have its own independently developed directory litsing parser written in C++ (see https://svn.filezilla-project.org/filezilla/FileZilla3/trunk/src/engine/directorylistingparser.cpp?revision=10945&view=markup). We could port the logic from that into something SWORD-compatible perhaps?

One more question about the CMake files, you mention that FindXZ.cmake is your original contribution and would be GPLv2, but it appears to be ported from the BSD-3-Clause FindBZIP2.cmake. Just to be clear, since it contains your modifications, it should be "upgraded" to GPLv2 as it now contains your GPLv2 contributions? If so, are there any other files in the CMake folder that should be similarly "upgraded"? Potentially all of them if they've all had to be modified for SWORD?

Thanks so much for your help! Also, did you also previously maintain Xiphos and Bibletime? If so, I would love to take maintainership of those too so I can keep everything SWORD-related from dropping out of Fedora.

Dear Aaron,
What a magnificent proposal this is!! I have been lamenting to the Lord for months, seeing Xiphos stagnate... and risking disappearing. Personally I am under Ubuntu. At the beginning of the year I asked the Lord in my prayer to give us developers for Xiphos, you could be the answer to this prayer. If Karl could react to your proposal that would be great.
I will follow this proposal with great interest.

God bless, and thanks again.


On 9/28/23 07:05, Greg Hellings wrote:

As the previous maintainer who dropped support, thank you for picking it up. I have moved on from being a Fedora user (NixOS these days) and was no longer maintaining those packages nor the apps that depend on it. I am, however, the pumpkin holder for the Python and Perl bindings. If you want to submit a patch to us that gets those working again I would be happy to include it upstream.

Any files under the cmake folder were contributed by me. Those noting a license were taken from later CMake versions and would match licenses there. The FindXZ file is my original contribution and is under the GPLv2 like all other original SWORD code.

The gSOAP and Objective-C bindings should be safe to remove in Fedora as there is no need for them there.

The win32 files would only affect the MinGW build of sword in Fedora, which was not retired as it was unaffected by the Python changes.

ftpparse is a constant thorn in our side whenever people become hung up on the commercial clause. While not strictly necessary to SWORD, as HTTP and HTTPS are supported if the library is built with cURL support, it would be a huge loss of functionality for most users. It probably is time to consider rewriting their functionality.

The Android jar file is also unnecessary for your packaging and you can safely delete it. And the whole pqa folder for diatheke should be tossed. Likely at the SVN level, as I'm sure we are not building Palm binaries anymore.

Hope that helps.


On Thu, Sep 28, 2023, 01:06 Aaron Rainbolt <arraybo...@gmail.com> wrote:

    Good morning/evening, and thanks for your time.

    Recently SWORD was removed from Fedora 39 because of a bug
    relating to
    the python bindings (it's still using distutils rather than
    which needed to be fixed, but the maintainer didn't fix it in
    time). I'm
    attempting to get SWORD back into Fedora by fixing the issue, but
    as the
    package was already retired, I'm preparing to reintroduce it as if it     were being added for the first time. For the sake of making things go
    smoothly, I did a full licensing audit on the SWORD source code to
    ensure that all licenses were compliant with Fedora's requirements.

    Some of the results of this audit were less-than-ideal, so I
    thought I
    would share the results with you so that you can take any measures
    deem appropriate. I'm in the process of resolving these issues in

    * There are several files under sword-1.9.0/cmake that have unclear
    licenses (referring to "the BSD license" but without specifying which
    version, and telling the user to look at a file that doesn't exist
    the license details). I *believe* these files are licensed under
    BSD-3-Clause, as I found the original source for all but one of them,
    however I could not find the original source for

    * The gSOAP bindings contain a file,
    sword-1.9.0/bindings/gsoap/include/stdsoap.h, which has no license
    an "All rights reserved" notice.

    * The Objective-C bindings have a similar problem - the following
    under sword-1.9.0/bindings/objc all have no license and an "All
    reserved" notice:
        - ObjCSword.h
        - src/Notifications.h (yes I realize this file consists
    entirely of
    comments but this is still worrying)
        - src/SwordBibleBook.h
        - src/SwordBibleBook.m
        - src/SwordBibleChapter.h
        - src/SwordBibleChapter.m
        - src/SwordBibleTextEntry.h
        - src/SwordBibleTextEntry.m
        - src/SwordInstallSource.h
        - src/SwordInstallManager.h
        - src/SwordInstallManager.mm
        - src/SwordInstallSource.mm
        - src/SwordKey.h
        - src/SwordKey.m
        - src/SwordListKey.h
        - src/SwordListKey.mm
        - src/SwordLocaleManager.h
        - src/SwordLocaleManager.mm
        - src/SwordModuleIndex.h
        - src/SwordModuleIndex.m
        - src/SwordModuleTextEntry.h
        - src/SwordModuleTextEntry.m
        - src/SwordTreeEntry.h
        - src/SwordTreeEntry.m
        - src/SwordVerseKey.h
        - src/SwordVerseKey.mm
        - src/SwordVerseManager.h
        - src/SwordVerseManager.m
        - src/VerseEnumerator.h
        - src/VerseEnumerator.m
        - src/services/Configuration.h
        - src/services/Configuration.m
        - src/services/iOSConfiguration.h
        - src/services/iOSConfiguration.m
        - src/services/OSXConfiguration.h
        - src/services/OSXConfiguration.m
        - test/SwordListKeyTest.h
        - test/SwordListKeyTest.m
        - test/SwordModuleLongRunTest.h
        - test/SwordModuleLongRunTest.mm
        - test/SwordModuleTest.h
        - test/SwordModuleTest.m

    * Two files under sword-1.9.0/src/utilfuns/win32 are under non-free
    licenses - they prohibit the sale of media containing those files for
    anything greater than the cost of distribution.

    * The files sword-1.9.0/include/ftpparse.h and
    sword-1.9.0/src/utilfuns/ftpparse.c are under informal non-free
    prohibiting commercial use unless the copyright owner is informed of
    what program uses the files. This code appears to be critical to
    functionality (as FTP is used for module downloading), so I have
    attempted to contact the author and ask that ftpparse be
    relicensed to
    0BSD (which should be compatible with the licenses in SWORD).

    In addition to the above, I discovered some pre-built binary files
    floating around:
        - sword-1.9.0/utilities/diatheke/pqa/Diatheke.pqa

    While these aren't strictly a problem, they do have to be removed in
    Fedora. You might consider removing them from your SVN repo if
    and not too inconvenient.

    I hope this message finds you all doing well! God bless, and
    thanks for
    all the work you've put into the SWORD Project!

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