The User CSS URL feature allows the user to specify the location of a  
CSS file. E.g This value is then  
stored in the database (users => css_url). When the page is built,  
Sycamore checks to see if there is a value for the user and then adds  
it to the required CSS link to the document head.

To see this in action:

Visit and notice the beautiful CSS hackery.

Then go to your user preference page

and use 
sendfile=true&file=style.css for your Personal CSS URL.

and revisit

I'm uncertain of how much utility this feature provides. And if its  
worth maintaining.


On May 22, 2007, at 1:34 PM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

> The CSS URL feature is unnecessary.

Let me make sure I understand this feature correctly. It allows users to
set a custom css file for a wiki, correct? When a url is set in the user
prefs it'll embed that url into the page itself so the customizations  
automatically made by the browser. I'll base my comments on the  
that I understand this feature...

Yes, this feature is somewhat unnecessary and should be removed. This  
is a
relatively fringe way of implementing this feature. If someone really
wants to customize the css of a sycamore wiki (or any website for that
matter) they can just do it in Firefox by editing the userChrome.css[1].
This allows even more flexibility than this feature also because you can
do it on a per-domain level. "If they're using IE and IE doesn't support
that feature they should scrap that hunk and get a real browser", wrote
Scott as he hijacked the thread and degraded it into a browser war.

> I argue that the CSS itself is unnecessary. This
> is because the css doesn't have anything to do with creating,
> accessing, or the general usefulness of the information management of
> the wiki software, it merely dictates how the information is
> displayed. The manner in which the information is displayed is merely
> eye candy, it makes it easier to read, but it is hardly necessary.
> Further more it adds complication, as one user could have a
> preference for a different display, perhaps they are color blind,
> perhaps they dislike certain fonts, or maybe they lack them.
> Accounting for all these preferences makes the inclusion of CSS too
> much a pain and thusly I propose the wiki should be reduced to a
> medium purely of information because there could surely be no way to
> easily account for everyone's preferences in the way the data is
> displayed.

I have to call bollocks here. I think CSS is very necessary for the
usability and efficiency of web software. How many popular (and
notoriously usable) sites out there do not use CSS. How else would you
accomplish large text for older people, small text for us internet  
pros, a
stripped down version for text-based clients or screen readers, and  
at the
same time printing the page without graphics or navigation? Of course  
of this is possible using CSS and only one hit to the dynamic part of  
wiki. CSS is highly efficient and should be used whenever possible.


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