On Tue, 2010-04-13 at 16:52 -0700, Michael Ivanov wrote:
> Hi Ryan, while I can't contribute, I would be interested to see how
> this goes.  We (Philip and I) have stayed away from this because we
> felt it would cannibalize some of the contributions and use cases by
> putting the comments in a different place from the rest of the article
> and not allowing people to edit the comments.  Having said that, it
> would be good to see how this does in practice to confirm or deny this
> intuition.

Yeah, there are a lot of situations where the existing comments system
would be superior.  If they coexist, that could be awesome.

There are a few possibilities:

1) Create a new macro for the new comments system (discussion.py?)
2) Move the current comments system to a new macro (quickcomments.py?)
3) Have a config option to choose between the two for a given wiki

I'm leaning towards #1, for the sake of compatibility.  #2 might break
more stuff than I want to be responsible for, and #3 just seems like a
big decision when starting a new wiki.  -rt

Ryan Tucker <rtuc...@gmail.com>

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