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The Macquarie University Research Centre for Agency, Values, and Ethics (CAVE) 
and the Macquarie University Philosophy Department will host a seminar by CAVE 
Visitor, Dominik Düber (Münster).

What's a conception of the (good) life? by Dominik Düber (Münster)

Date: Tuesday 25 October 2016
Time: 13:00 - 14:00
Venue: W6A 107, Macquarie University (Visitor info 

What are the limits of legitimate state action in a liberal state that values 
autonomy and ensures basic liberal rights? Can we establish principles for 
drawing the line between legitimate and illegitimate state action or that 
points out matters that the state should or should not get involved in? These 
are fundamental questions in contemporary Political Philosophy and even within 
the broadly liberal tradition we can identify two quite different camps by the 
way they answer this question. The anti-perfectionist camp defends a principle 
of restraint, saying that while the state may be justified in taking an active 
role in matters of justice, it has to refrain from any activity that aims at 
promoting conceptions of the good life or that is justified by considerations 
of the good. Perfectionists, on the other hand, say that no such principle of 
restraint should be established, even defending this thesis up to the point 
that "it is the goal of all political action to enable individuals to pursue 
valid conceptions of the good" (Raz).

Since the great majority of philosophers involved in this 
'perfectionism-debate' on both sides do not discuss how the line between 
considerations of the good life and other issues, e.g. matters of justice, can 
be drawn, they seem to take for granted that the distinction is clear enough to 
be applicable in political theory and practice. Motivated by the fundamental 
role the term "conceptions of the good (life)" plays in the debate between 
perfectionists and anti-perfectionists, I critically discuss this line of 
demarcation and scrutinize if it can be spelled out clearly enough to identify 
two different camps in political philosophy and play a role as a guiding 
principle in political practice.

About Dominik:

Dominik Düber completed his PhD in Philosophy at the University of Münster in 
Germany in 2014, entitled "Self-determination and the good life in a democratic 
state: the paternalism argument against perfectionism." Since 2011, he has been 
a research fellow at the Centre for Advanced Study in Bioethics at the 
University of Münster. He is currently working on a postdoctoral project on the 
division of labour.

All are welcome, no RSVP required.

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