Hi everyone! 

My name is Chuan Lu, I am pursuing a Ph.D. degree in Applied Math at the 
University of Iowa. My concentration is in Computational Statistics, 
Machine Learning, and Numerical Analysis. I have been using Python for 
three years, and I used SymPy quite often when I was an undergraduate 
student, so it's really exciting to make contributions to the open source 

I want to contribute to the module of probability and statistics, including 
adding Markov Chains, HMM, other random processes and some other 
distributions. I checked some source code of the `sympy.stats` module and I 
found they have not been implemented yet. 

Please let me know if they have been implemented in some latest versions (I 
checked the SymPy 1.1.2.dev). If not, I wonder if I can use it as my topic 
for GSoC 2018.


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