Dear All,

I would like to take the derivative symbolically of a function but it 
doesn't seem to work. Basically W and S are matrices, Z=f(W,S) and 
loglikelihood=f(eta,Z). I would like the partial derivatives of the 
loglikelihood wrt eta and W_ij. It works for eta but not the W_ij. Here is 
the code

n = 3
T = 5
eta = sympy.Symbol('eta')
W = sympy.MatrixSymbol('W', n, n)
S = sympy.MatrixSymbol('S',n,T)
def detdyn(s,w):
    '''Z if a function of S and W'''
    f = w*s
    f_average = sympy.HadamardProduct(f, s)
    f_average = sympy.ones(1,f_average.shape[0]) * f_average #row sum
    #compute coefficients of Z
    for r in range(T):
        c.col_op(r, lambda i,j: i / f_average[0, r])
    z = sympy.HadamardProduct(c,s)
    return z
Tk = S.shape[1] #length of the data
Zk = detdyn(S,W)[:,:-1] #compute the deterministic dynamics
Sk = S[:,1:] #drop first observation
Sl = sympy.IndexedBase("Sk")
Zl = sympy.IndexedBase("Zk")
i, t = sympy.symbols('i t', cls=sympy.Idx)
0, 2)),(t, 0, Tk-1))

For example 

Sum(0, (i, 0, 2), (t, 0, 4))
which is not correct.

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you,

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