I have noticed that the "series" module hasn't been picked up since 2014-15 
as a GSoC Project. 
I suppose that major work hasn't been done for 2-3 years in that module. 
Considering this, is it then qualified to be a higher priority project than 
the "ode" project? SInce, I am stuck between the two.

Also, I have boiled my focused work in "Series" expansions down to these 

1) Asymptotic notations
2) Optimizing rs_series
3) Making "concrete/summations.py" more robust, especially the 
"is_convergent()" function fails a lot for end cases.
4) Improving Formal Power Series, i.e, implementing new methods like 
Convolution, Inversion, Multivariate Series etc.
5) Removing @XFAIL tests in Formal Series.

Is this enough work for my "Series" GSoC project? And most importantly, is 
it important work to be done during the GSoC period?
I am looking to put forward a PR in any of these above topics, and also my 
proposal within a week.

Thanking you,
Arighna Chakrabarty

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