Hello everyone,

I am Arighna Chakrabarty, a 2nd year student in Electronics and 
Communication Engineering in IIT Guwahati. I have been contributing to the 
codebase of SymPy since December 2017, and will be submitting a GSoC 
application this year.

I have my eyes on two Mathematical Projects : 1) Series Expansions and 2) 
Ordinary Differential Equation( especially implementing the PDE part in 
Can someone guide me as to how much work has been done in these two arenas, 
and how much more needs to be done?

I have solved some bugs related to series and convergence of limits in 
series. And I find that some methods like `is_convergent()` break a lot. Is 
there a scope of improvement for limits of series? Series expansions and 
optimizing rs_series are also under my radar.

And when should I submit the proposal on the SymPy WiKi page? Like, Can we 
start writing ?

Thanks in advance,
Arighna Chakrabarty

Github Handle - https://github.com/ArighnaIITG

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