Hello everyone,

My name is Rahul Gottipati and I'm a 3rd year university student at BITS 
Hyderabad, India. This is my first venture into the world of open source 
development and I'm really excited to start contributing to Sympy. My major 
is Electrical Engineering and I've taken a fair number of math courses 
including Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, some rudimentary Complex 
analysis etc. I don't have a deep programming background but I've dabbled 
with a few small Python projects focused on web development using Flask, 
basic scripting etc. My only real exposure to Sympy is working through the 
tutorials and I hope to increase my proficiency as I start contributing.

As it stands, I would really appreciate someone's help in finding something 
to work on as my first contribution, keeping in mind my inexperience with 
Open Source development.

Thank you!

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