Lennart Poettering [2015-05-26 16:43 +0200]:
> Well, I had been trying to stabilize things since 3 weeks before the
> release

Ah, that's roughly when I did my last "build packages from upstream
trunk" test, and indeed it looked fairly well back then.

> I didn't announce this on the ML though, but I figure I could do
> that too, for the next cycle...

That would be nice. Let's give it a try and see how it goes? From your
end it's just an extra mail when you are ready to release (and maybe
giving packagers two days or so), and from our end it's just moving
all the heavy-lifting around a bit.

> 50 non-backport patches? That sounds like a lot...

It's not that bad, most of them are trivial, like tweaking tmpfiles.d
or some extra historic udev rules. We have quite a bunch of patches to
get rid of Fedora/RedHat-isms and replace them with Debianisms, and
then there's a lot for having a non-merged /usr (which Debian didn't
do yet). Aside from two or three which keep breaking most of them just
tag along, but there's always enough noise to break completely
automatically building packages from git master. Anyway, this is
completely tangential.. :-)



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