26.05.2015 21:52, Martin Pitt wrote:
Lennart Poettering [2015-05-26 18:36 +0200]:
That said, I think even better would be to maybe make the support for
this generic in systemctl: instead of explicitly invoking chkconfig or
update-rcd, maybe we can just make systemctl invoke some fixed binary
/usr/lib/systemd/systemd-sysv-compat or so with a fixed set of
parameters. The distros could then make that a tool (maybe just a
shell script) that invokes chkconfig or update-rc.d This would then
allow us to remove any chkconfig-specific code from systemd, and would
allow all distros to plug-in the tool of their choice without having
to patch upstream. What do you think?

That sounds great. If chkconfig and update-r.cd are/were the only two
contenders then #ifdef sounds easier, but I don't know about other
distros like e. g. Gentoo.

With my Gentoo user hat on: Gentoo needs no support here. Their initscripts are based on OpenRC, which is not SysV-compatible enough for the "fall back to the initscript" logic to make sense at all (e.g., their initscripts have #!/sbin/runscript in the beginning, have no LSB header, and produce an error message if run in the system booted by systemd). In fact, they explicitly disable SysV compatibility in systemd:

                # disable sysv compatibility

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