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> Hello,
> I have configured polkit to allow my user to manage basically everything
> in systemd without requiring sudo or root. Enabling, disabling, reloading,
> etc all work as expected. However, 'systemctl edit' does not. It does not
> deny permission for me to use the function, but it fails when trying to
> copy the file to a temporary directory:
> $ systemctl edit rngd.service
> Failed to create directories for
> "/etc/systemd/system/rngd.service.d/override.conf": Permission denied
> Is there a way for polkit to correct or temporarily override these
> permissions? Or should I use ACLs to grant write permission to my user for
> those directories?

The problem is that `systemctl edit` only uses D-Bus calls for reloading
systemd; it still manages the unit files directly. For now, use directory

(Wonder if this could somehow make use of GNOME's new admin:/// vfs...)

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