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Anton Gerasimov [2016-09-20 10:22 +0200]:
> yes, I think it can be due to missing udev rules. But if the device node
> is actually there, doesn't it mean that it was noticed by systemd?

No, only devices with a "systemd" udev tag get represented in systemd;
this is to avoid unnecessary overhead with creating dozens or hundreds
of device units and having to follow their states, so the udev rules
only pick out those which we want to actually use.

> And I still can't get what happens when dev-hda.device is started.

Block device units are mostly being used to know when the
corresponding mount units get started.

Anton Gerasimov [2016-09-20 11:37 +0200]:
> Yes, just adding 'KERNEL=="hda" TAGS+="systemd"' to udev rules did the
> trick. Thank you!

That means you are missing /lib/udev/rules.d/99-systemd.rules for some


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