Hello Martin, hello Andrei

Yes it was all due to missing 99-systemd.rules (udevdir wasn't set
properly for dracut). /sys/block/hda is present.


Anton Gerasimov

On 09/20/16 12:42, Martin Pitt wrote:
> Hello Anton,
> please reply on the list too.
> Anton Gerasimov [2016-09-20 10:22 +0200]:
>> yes, I think it can be due to missing udev rules. But if the device node
>> is actually there, doesn't it mean that it was noticed by systemd?
> No, only devices with a "systemd" udev tag get represented in systemd;
> this is to avoid unnecessary overhead with creating dozens or hundreds
> of device units and having to follow their states, so the udev rules
> only pick out those which we want to actually use.
>> And I still can't get what happens when dev-hda.device is started.
> Block device units are mostly being used to know when the
> corresponding mount units get started.
> Anton Gerasimov [2016-09-20 11:37 +0200]:
>> Yes, just adding 'KERNEL=="hda" TAGS+="systemd"' to udev rules did the
>> trick. Thank you!
> That means you are missing /lib/udev/rules.d/99-systemd.rules for some
> reason.
> Martin

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