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> Hello,
> We have defined the following sap_XXX.service.
> It contains the following in [Unit]:
> ###
> After=local-fs.target network-online.target ora_lsnr_XXX.service
> remote-fs.target
> Wants=ora_lsnr_XXX.service
> ###

Note that After=local-fs.target is redundant for regular
services. ("Regular" being defined here as service which do not set
DefaultDependencies=no). This is because if DefaultDependencies=yes is
set (which is the implied default for all services), then they gain an
ordering dep on basic.target which in turn is ordered against
local-fs.target. Hence, because ordering deps are transitive all
regular services are indirectly also ordered against local-fs.target.

The only case where you explicitly want to list "local-fs.target" in
your configuration is when you set DefaultDependencies=no and want to
become an early-boot service. Also see the bootup(7) man page about

Note that in older systemd versions at least only mounts created via
/etc/fstab are ordered against "local-fs.target" by default. Mounts
created manually during runtime (by invoking /bin/mount for example)
are not.


Lennart Poettering, Red Hat
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