On Do, 12.04.18 07:48, Ryan Gonzalez (rym...@gmail.com) wrote:

> coredumpd has definitely become one of my favorite systemd components since
> it makes debugging segfaults far easier than otherwise. However, for various
> reasons, I prefer using LLDB to GDB. Unfortunately, coredumpctl's gdb
> command is hardcoded to run, well, GDB.
> My idea: what if there were a 'coredumpctl lldb' command, which did the same
> thing as 'coredumpctl gdb', except...instead running LLDB.
> Of course, this could be done with a new switch, but 'coredumpctl gdb
> --lldb' seems a little idiosyncratic...

Hmm, three ideas:

1. we could add "coredumpctl run" which will extend the command line
   you have with the path to the unpacked coredump: "coredumpctl run
   lldb" would then do what you want (at least under the assumption
   that lldb is fine with just taking the coredump as argument?)

2. we could add a --debugger= switch or so similar to what you
   proposed. Plus a new verb "debug" that is an alias for "gdb", to
   make it less idiosyncractic for you.
3. add support for $SYSTEMD_DEBUGGER or so, which would be like #2 but
   you could set for your entire login session

Of course any combination of the above would work too.

Please file an RFE issue on github requesting this, maybe linking to
this mail...


Lennart Poettering, Red Hat
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