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>>>> That's all true, but the thing we need to check here is that systemd 
>>>> correctly handles junk on the /run/systemd/private socket. The change on 
>>>> the systemctl side certainly tries to prevent incorrect data being sent 
>>>> down the socket -- though it looks like there's several ways in which 
>>>> fd_move_above_stdio() can fail, so this isn't foolproof -- but we need to 
>>>> ensure that some _malicious_ client can't DoS systemd.
>>> I don't want to contradict in principle, but doesn't "private socket" mean 
>> it's intended to be used by systemd only? Of course being root allows you to 
>> use any socket...
>> may is ask you to read the thread you are responding to?
>> nobody is touching the private socket
> Then why care about "junk on the /run/systemd/private socket."?

to avoid when people like you doing strange stuff coming here to blame
systemd as you did often enough in the past months
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