Hey all,

given our extensive YT activities, especially in the context of keeping vintage 
systems and architectures alive and kicking, it is time to bump up our support 
and issue tracing.
Previously, some 15 years ago, we had run some trac that was constantly spammed 
and eventually hacked. As I’m not feeling like spending time on running that 
ourselves for now, I decided to start going with GitHub (yes, yes, I know, …):

        https://github.com/rxrbln/t2sde <https://github.com/rxrbln/t2sde>

So feel free to use it for issues, bugs, feature requests as well as pull 
requests. I will likely sometime soon setup an svn to GitHub mirror.

Should you feel like supporting all the efforts put into maintaining and fixing 
all this exotic stuff there are also two new ways to keep paying my bills:

        https://onlyfans.com/renerebe <https://onlyfans.com/renerebe>

Additionally to the already existing:
        https://www.patreon.com/renerebe <https://www.patreon.com/renerebe>

I’ll make sure to link all of this on our website soon, too:

        https://t2sde.org/support/ <https://t2sde.org/support/>

Have a great day,
        René Rebe

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