Today the T2 System Development Environment Linux 21.5 was released
with an even larger amount of supported, 18 pre- and cross-compiled
set of architectures ever: alpha, arm, arm64, hppa, ia64, m68k,
mips64, mipsel, ppc, ppc64-32, ppc64le, riscv, riscv64, s390x, sparc64,
superh, x86, and x86-64.

Major performance improemvnts were implemented, including: not yet
upstream x86 concurrent TLB flushing, faster in-kernel zstd update as
well as smarter (profile guided Os vs O3) whole system optimizations!

The 21.5 release received updates across the board, while a major
point of work was the GCC 11 update as well as re-basing and fixing
upstream regressions for the Sony PS3 support as well as various small
improvements, including an up to 15 seconds faster system shutdown when
using sysvinit.

All 18 official ISO images are fully cross compiled! Over 224 Subversion
revisions, of which many are now AI updated by our nightly package bot
we named “Data” ;-)

Usually most packages are up-to-date, including Linux 5.12.4, GCC
11.0, LLVM/Clang 12, as well as the latest version of,
Mesa, Firefox, Rust, KDE and GNOME 40!

More information, source and binary downloads are open source and free

Recently the development can also be followed live on YouTube at:

There were 224 changesets with 251 lines of commit messages.
Approximately 132 packages got updates, 25 issues fixed, 132 packages
or features added and 10 removed. Multiple improvements have been

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