Hi John,
This is pretty much the type of situation which the taxon tag is meant to cope 
with: current tagging says it's an apple orchard, with taxon we can show that 
it's one for Bramley's or the cider apples loved by RichardF.
    "taxon=Malus domestica 'Bramley's Seedling'"
This can be used with species & genus too; but most useful is the usage widely 
used by the Vienna tree import:
     "taxon:cultivar=Bramley's Seedling" 
(in this case the single quotes obligatory in the formal name are not needed 
because all cultivar names require them. This can be used standalone, on the 
basis that trees=apple_trees is a synonym of species|taxon=Malus domestica.
Your next problem is to identify the cultivars: not easy with cherries in Japan.
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 Subject: [Tagging] Orchards and their crops
I came across some mis-tagged orchards in Japan, and in the process of 
researching how to tag them correctly, I noticed some discrepancies in the EN 
and JA wiki pages for orchards, trees, and related things. the JA page for 
orchard includes the trees= definitions, for example. 
Englishhttps://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/JA:Tag:landuse%3Dorchard Japanese

My question to the group is how to deal with trees=* when it seems to be very 
generic (apple tree, pear tree, etc) and more specific kinds of crops (fuji 
apples, asian pears). 
crop=* for orchard was changed to trees=* - but how do we get more specific on 
what kind of fruit is grown? do we make a ton of different tree=* tags, or do 
we make generics and then specify the exact fruit produced through produce=* or 
some other tag? 
Also, someone has added a ton of trees to the JA list (and a few to the EN 
list), including cranberries - which are grown in a swampy bog - hardly an 
orchard. Should be at least in farmland+crop, possibly some form of wetlands. I 
cleaned up the entries on the ja page by added “trees” to the items, and 
striking out sugarcane and cranberry, but I didn’t delete any other entries. I 
didn’t touch the EN page. 
I can clean up the JA page to match the EN page, but I need to know how do deal 
with the trees and what they produce:  are the trees=* a very specific type of 
tree, or are they general - and how do we specify the exact type of fruit 
produced?  apples, oranges, pears, peaches, have regional varieties - and 
custard apples and asian pears (sand pears) may be considered so different from 
their normal varieties as to warrant their own tree and rendering. 
If I’m reading the english wiki pages for orchard=, trees= and produce= 
correctly, keeping the trees generic and the specific fruit in produce= seems 
to be right way. I added one example to the JA wiki page for asian pears: 
so fuji apples would be 
Is this the right way to handle it, and should it be documented this way?
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