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>> So if you think both a retirement home and assisted living
>> accommodation are the same thing, it doesn't matter much which of
>> these is used in OSM (we usually follow British English if
>> possible). If you think there is some subtle difference, what is the
>> essential difference in terms of the characteristics mentioned
>> above?
> for the target group there is already a different tag.
> The difference between the two is (and I believe that's more than
> subtle), that assisted living means you live on your own, probably in
> your own apartment, according to the times you want to, and get
> assistance on request,

more or less agreed

> while the retirement home is a big
> institutionalized facility, more similar to a hospital (but without
> the illness, and need for extensive medical care, or it would be a
> nursing home)

Around Massachusetts, as far as I can tell, these do not exist.

Part of what's going on is that at least in the US, these places are
regulated, and each regulating body (states here) define categories, and
in each category limit what can be done and have requirements for staff
training.  While in a totally free society there could be a continuum of
places, in practice they coalesce into these defined categories, and
places are very much one or the other.

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