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I would encourage to use only _one_ classification system. Otherwise,
the tagging will be _very_ complex and using it for rendering nearly
to impossible, because it will be impossible to compare between
different classification systems.

3 main systems are used in cartography for different things (see the Wikipedia article):

- [order:classic] is suitable for general cartographic purposes [...]. The first order stream is the one which, at each confluence, is the one with the greatest volumetric flow, which usually reflects the long-standing naming of rivers.

- [order:strahler] is designed for the morphology of a catchment and forms the basis of important hydrographical indicators of its structure, such as bifurcation ratio, drainage density and frequency.

- [order:shreve] is preferred in hydrodynamics: it sums the number of sources in each catchment above a stream gauge or outflow, and correlates roughly to the discharge volumes and pollution levels.

Adding optional tag does not make anything hard, it just allows to use our database for more purposes, including hydrographic maps and analysis. I don't think we should encourage any of them, because there's no "the best" classification system.

It seems to me that “stream order” means basically “level of
branching”. This information is almost useless for rendering at
openstreetmap-carto, because you can have a high level of branching
even on very small rivers, and you can also have a very low level of
branching on very large rivers. What’s interesting for rendering is in
my opinion rather the width of a river. The key “CEMT” seems to me the
better choise here (but seems to be europe-centric), but also the
“width” key might help and is likely to be found all over the world.

For general rendering on low zoom I would probably use combination of classic and Strahler/Shreve. order:classic=1 means only that this river goes to the sea, which is more important than the river with higher number, but order:strahler/order:shreve=1 means also that it's not important river anyway.

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