Can I contribute to this debate?
AFAIK I invented memorial=war_memorial for the Project of the Week which 
coincided with 11th November 2010. I agonised a certain amount about the best 
tag (both because of issues mentioned here, and because it would apply to both 
historic=monument and historic=memorial). However, at the time there were next 
to no uses of the tag memorial. I did try and discuss this on IRC channels (eg 
with the Italian community) 
As it stands this represents around a third of instances of the key, and I 
believe pre-dates other classes of meanings for memorial (see and type some typical values in). 
The original description page for the PotW makes it clear that the tag was 
intended for many different types of memorial (See
   - Walls
   - Gates (the Menin Gate)
   - Ossuaries (common in Italy)
   - Monuments (Vimy Ridge)
   - Simple village memorials
   - Public facilities (community halls, bridges etc)
   - Places dedicated as a war memorial: 2 large areas in the centre of the 
English Lake District including the highest peak in England
   - Arboreta

I am personally not very keen on deprecating tags which represent such a 
significant fraction of the total usage of a key, as it is in effect changing 
the meaning of the key in the database (as opposed to its description in the 
wiki). However I share the sense of awkwardness with the dual meanings implicit 
in the use of the key. In general such tags have been disambiguated by adding 
colons. I'm not at all sure about memorial:theme (a proper tabulation of likely 
values is needed), but memorial:form (or something similar for plaque, wall 
etc) is easier. Note that in many cases the object will not need the form to be 
described if it is a building, man made structure etc). 
My personal suggestions are:
   - memorial:commemorates with values of person; event; war (or conflict); 
building ...
   - just a simple war_memorial=yes (which perhaps fits better with the wide 
range of object which could be tagged).

As for arboreta, I have been wondering for some time about a garden tag for 
describing all the different features of large gardens, and arboreta are common 
features. The idea needs work, but would include arboretum, alpine, herbaceous, 
systematic & perennial beds, various kinds of glass houses, wild flower 
gardens, species collections etc.

      From: Warin <>
 Sent: Thursday, 5 October 2017, 5:27
 Subject: Re: [Tagging] war_memorial
 On 05-Oct-17 01:58 PM, Graeme Fitzpatrick wrote:
 Thanks everyone for your thoughts re arboretums 
  Why I brought this up - had a look at the historic=monument tag yesterday 
morning, which lead me to 
  That showed 4 monuments in my general area, 2 of which should apparently be 
memorials, 1 I'm not sure about & this one: 
  The "Regional Arboretum" is shown as a monument &, by the conversations here, 
almost certainly shouldn't be (maybe it should be a Memorial? - will have to 
get up there & check it out on the ground); while the "ADF Grove" is, almost 
certainly correctly, a Memorial. 
  Now, if the Regional Arboretum isn't actually marked as being a memorial to 
anybody / thing, & therefore not a memorial, how should it then appear in OSM? 
The Botanic Gardens as a whole are shown as landuse=recreation_ground; 
leisure=park. From a Google satellite shot,153.3834806,174m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en,
 the Regional Arboretum is only an open group of trees, so how should it be 
  It's definitely not intended for forestry / logging purposes, so it's not 
  It's hardly a forest, so not natural=wood 
  Doesn't produce anything so not landuse=orchard 
  Leisure=garden? Garden brings to mind flowers & bushes, not trees, but I 
guess it may still apply? 
 Sydney Royal Botanic Garden is  tagged as
 I think this is the best solution I have - not documented and no actual 
existence in the data base. 
 Way 21370319 (Nottingham Arboretum) is tagged as
 this looks wrong to me .. the name may just be a description. 
 The Australian Canberra arboretum is tagged as
 A quick look has arboretums tagged as 
 forest (!), conservation, grass (!), leisure=nature_reserve and probably other 
 Will be interesting to see where this goes.
 I have mapped some 'local' memorials/monuments ... 
 including one to a cat (Trim - Matthew Flinders cat), one to the WW1 
Australian horses. 

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