Hi everybody,

The hydro power waterway proposal has been updated to take care of several
useful comments made during the last vote.

Here is a changelog :
- Moving from waterway=drain to waterway=canal since a drain is mainly
intended to remove superfluous water. A canal carries water from A to B for
a particular usage. It can be overground and underground with tunnel=*, as
not to break existing underground ways with waterway=canal on them
- Introducing mill race concept thanks to Janko Mihelic (mill race = head
race + mill + tail race)
- Introducing tunnel=headrace, tailrace and canal=headrace, tailrace,
- Moving from waterway=spillway to waterway=canal + canal=spillway

waterway=pressurised stays in the document currently, I still believe this
value is useful and bring consistency for hydrology mapping, as a
continuation of rivers/stream inside tunnels and pipelines.

I've updated pictures :

The second one shows how various are waterways and why a waterway=* value
is useful to get all of them without leak.

Depending on comments, voting may restart shortly.

All the best

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