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the only one added is waterway=pressurised.
why not pipeline for this?
maybe because a siphon is not a pipeline :)
Umm? A siphon is made from a pipeline
did you read the proposal ?
look at the natural part of the picture
it's not a man_made=pipeline
I have explored several siphons in my life,
but I have never done caving in a pipeline :)


and it's a good thing to have a continuity "of water" with waterway=*
But pipelines can and do contain water .. So it would be a 'good thing'
to map what is there .. a pipeline.
have 2 separate tags for "use" and for the "hardware" is much more
We already do this for many other objects e. g. highway <> surface:
you have a continuity of highway=* tag even if the surface of the roads
changes and in case of tunnels or bridges.
this is exactly what the proposal wants to do: a continuity of the
waterway=* tags even if the materials/man_made/usage/tunnel change.
With this clear structure, you can use water flow datas separately from
material datas.

Oh. I am thinking only of man made structures (pipes), along with some others.

OSM unfortunately 'maps what is there' .. not "hardware"/"use".

The caves I would map as 'landform=*'. (Not 'natural=*' as some of these could 
be man made caves, and how would I tell not being a cave expert?)

And OSM may not (yet) map what is in a cave ... water in this case. And it 
would need some elevation tags to document what is going on.

In the diagram

The upper ones may well be man made - so the tags waterway=canal, tunnel=yes 
could be replace by
man_made=pipeline .. as there should be nothing limiting what a pipe is made 
out of.

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