Wikipedia says they are also known as hollow way - you learn something
every day. Sunken Lane appears to be the preferred terminology however.

Why historic? It still is a sunken lane. If you go back a couple of
hundred years it probably wasn't though - the level has lowered through
erosion over a very long period. 

It is a way in a cutting, but a special type of cutting whereby it is
not deliberately lowered by a single act of man (or highways authority
or whatever). As such I think cutting=sunken_lane feels good. 

On 2018-02-19 11:48, joost schouppe wrote:

> Hi, 
> Hollow way is probably a germanism; it's what sunken lanes are literally 
> called in Dutch too. I absolutely agree that we should stick to British 
> English for tags, wherever possible. So if we change the proposal to 
> historic=sunken_lane, then we're all set for voting, right? 
> Almost all the hollow_way's in Germany seem to have been made in one go 
> (looking at, so I think that means there's a decent 
> chance for a relatively massive change operation. 
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