On 23.02.2018 14:42, Thilo Haug wrote:
IMHO there are no shops selling BUT printer ink, so a subtag might be more 
useful :

Not sure what the "but" means in your sentence. If you doubt that there are shops being specialized in selling nothing but ink, I know some.


and so on...

The "and so on" indicates the problem. I am against turning OSM into a shop inventory or an ontology of all products on the planet. I agree with Frederik below and his shop=printer_ink favourite.

Am 23. Februar 2018 13:08:59 schrieb Fredrik <li...@0v.no>:

I came across shops that sell printer ink on taginfo [1] and saw they
were split in three.

shop=ink (42)

shop=ink_cartridge (13)

shop=printer_ink (12)

I created this wikipage [2] for shop=printer_ink and was wondering what
the list thinks.

shop=printer_ink sounds the clearest in meaning of the three and the
other values should be converted to this.

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