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>> in this case you’ll have a platform object and a sidewalk object that happen 
>> to be at the same place.
> But that way you say that there are two separate objects, which isn't
> true: it's just one physical object that functions both as a sidewalk
> and a platform.

if platform is about a function and not a physical object, it is fine. 

According to the wiki, it is indeed about a function: “Use 
public_transport=platform to identify the places where passengers wait for 
public transport of any type, including boarding facilities at airports, bus 
stations, ports, railway stations, as well as for ski lifts and at roadside bus 
stops, taxi ranks. “

> Because two name tags on the same object doesn't work, I think it is
> best to map the sidewalk as a way and public_transport=platform as a
> node for cases where the bus/tram stop is at a sidewalk.

if you are concerned about duplicate objects, this would have the same problem

Ciao, Martin 
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