In both cases I encountered, the website clearly states it:

(In Dutch) clearly states
"people with an handicap"   It mentions people with a
form of autism (it is worded more nicely in Dutch)

there is nothing hidden in the two cases I wanted to map. But indeed,
I can imagine that not all projects are so open about it.


On Thu, Apr 12, 2018 at 9:28 AM, Volker Schmidt <> wrote:
> This is a tricky issue. I expect not all of them to be happy to publicise
> that fact.
> We have here in Italy many businesses or amenities that are run by social
> cooperatives [1] that employ people with special needs.  From the Wikipedia
> article it seems that similar forms are common in Belgium.
> In Italy we could deal with this by putting the full name of the operator in
> the "operator" tag. That full name would include the wording "cooperativa
> sociale"
> [1]
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