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>> I don’t mind, but it isn’t necessary for tag consistency (only if you want 
>> service to be private)
> the highway page sees service roads as part of the road network btw:
> no mention it should be used for private roads only.
> the service page reads: 
> v · d · e highway = service

My point about "real road" vs "paved place you can drive that isn't a
real road" is not really about access=yes/private, which is a separate
issue.  But, my point may be more local than I think it is.

And to answer "how do you tell"?  Well, you have to look at a lot of
things, sometimes including town property data, and various clues, and
make your best guess, and fix it later if you realize you are wrong.  A
big clue is a street sign put up by the same authority that puts up
regular road signs.

I certainly do not change keys at property boundaries for driveways off
public roads.  I use highway=service service=driveway for the entire
length of the way, even the end part that is within the government-owned
road parcel.

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