Martin Koppenhoefer <> writes:

>> and track (for - due to history - public accessible rural driveways) is 
>> simply driven by reality.
> track is about agricultural and forestry usage, I did not know it required 
> public accessibility, does it?

In my usage (and US norms), tracks in agricultural/forestry usage, and
similar do not imply public accessibility.

I think the root of the problem, besides overloading too many concepts
into tags, is that service has two subtypes:

  things that are not public/legal roads, like driveways (and some alleys)

  public alleys, which are legal rights of way, usually with a sign
  "Public Alley 4309", but are too small to seem like a regular road.
  But legally they are like a regular road.

The fix is to add highway=alley, for things that are too small but
nevertheless fit the legal definition of a road, and then have service
be for "place you can drive that is not a legal road".

An alternative is to document that highway=service service=alley is a
legal road, and special among service.

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