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> On 11. Aug 2018, at 06:13, Marc Gemis <> wrote:
> I find it hard to understand why non-Belgians try to change a rule
> that is accepted by the Belgian community. The name field contains the
> name of the object as known by the local people. Not what an
> Englishmen or anyone else knows the place as. There is no 1 name,
> there are multiple names that have to be placed in 1 field. We could
> have chosen a semi-colon, as dash, or a any other separator. We chose
> " - ".

nobody questions the local names, the discussion is about the separator, which 
has nothing to do with the on the ground situation AFAIK, because there this is 
solved typographically (different line or different font(size)).

Using the same separator for the same thing (several names in different 
languages) is a general thing that could be done the same on a global level, 
it’s not something each local community must decide on their own (if they did, 
how it is now, there’s not much harm)

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