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On 15. Aug 2019, at 05:33, Joseph Eisenberg <> wrote:

>> "The ideal of forcing a proposal ... does not fly with me due to the 
>> probability of being cast as 'abandoned'."
> Using the proposal namespace should not force the original page author
> to do anything else in the Proposal process. Most proposed tags are
> never discussed on this list, and never move past "draft" status.

+1, there was a new user (at least new to the wiki, as he hadn’t contributed 
anything else to the wiki), I think in 2012, who set tens or hundreds of 
proposals to abandoned for formal reasons (no voting and no modification for 
some months), some of which might have remained so until now. This included 
even proposals for tags that had been used hundreds of thousands of times.

For reference:

Cheers Martin 

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