I am generally skeptical of us becoming more and more a business directory.

I think that objects in the real world have some real-world, observable
properties, like a house that has a certain form and height, or a sign
that has been put up, or a bench, and while these properties can change,
it will usually involve some construction and not happen willy-nilly. I
am in favour of mapping such things.

On the other hand, there are commercial and policy things, like: Does
this shop accept credit cards, does this shop sell vegan food, or how
many varieties of chocolate bars does this shop stock, and does this
museum open on Sundays? While I can see that this information is
interesting in some situations, these properties can change on a whim. A
supermarket chain can introduce paper bags today, discontinue them next
week, and re-introduce plastic bags next month. Do we really want to go
into that effort of trying to actively represent what products are sold
and under what conditions? Do we even have a remote hope of achieving a
level of completeness and timeliness that makes this usable? Where does
it stop?


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