Questions about using cycle relations properly:

I am mapping and repairing cycle roads in the Kanto/Tokyo area. There are a lot 
of designated cycling roads that follow a long rivers and other water features 
out into the countryside, making up a regional system, and a lot of smaller 
local cycling roads (also along small rivers) that connect neighborhoods and 
towns together. 

I’m working to get all the individual ways of the cycle roads into relations 
and to properly classify these (local/regional, etc). 

But on the cycling layer of OSM, I find regular roads labeled as cycle routes: 
mountain roads where professional cyclists like to exercise labeled as a 
“cycling route”, which seems like “mapping for the renderer”.


- They don’t seem to be cycling roads - all the relation members are trunk 
roads or similar - no cycleways whatsoever. 

-they are dangerous routes with no side-paths, sidewalks, or dedicated cycle 
lanes - just regular roads.

- they are exercise loops or hill climbs for pro cyclistsand serve no purpose 
for travelers or commuters.

- they are not, AFAIK, part of an official “cycling network”. The 
Super-relation someone has added all cycle routes to ( 関東地方サイクリングロード・ネットワーク ). 
<>  also seems to be made-up and 
not official either - the name only returns one result (the OSM data page) when 

To me, these non-cycle routes are just garbage relations meant to have the 
route show up on the cycling view of OSM for people doing workouts. 

I want to delete these fake “mountain workout” relations that should be mapped 
in strava or a similar workout app. 

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