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> 1 Is plaque the best name? Our Wiki quotes Wikipedia as it being vertical,
> but that seems a bit restrictive to me.
> https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:memorial%3Dplaque

The wiki actually says "typically attached to a wall, stone, or other
surface."  Typically, not always.  I've seen memorial plaques that are about
30 degrees to the horizontal.

2. Are there any alternatives to 'memorial' which again, seems too
> specific/restrictive,  tourism=information, information=plaque maybe?

For the example you give, calling it a memorial seems wrong.  It isn't
anything.  memorial=plaque is often used with historic=memorial.  The wiki
for that
says "A feature for tagging smaller memorials usually remembering special
peoples lost their lives in the wars, past events or missing places."

I'd say that tourism=information + information=plaque is better.  You could
go with tourism=information + information=board + board_type=geography but
few people would expect to see a horizontal board.  Since information says
user-defined values are OK then information=plaque.

If somebody can come up with a word for plaques set in the ground, then go
with that.

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