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I've a carved stone plaque(?) that's fixed flush into the pavement. it's to
indicate the start/finish point of a long distance walk.

Two questions:

1 Is plaque the best name? Our Wiki quotes Wikipedia as it being vertical,
but that seems a bit restrictive to me.
It seems to be a sort of waymark to me. As far as I can see, we don't
  have a generic tag for waymarks, although there are lots of special
  cases like milestons. Perhaps we should have a waymark tag with subtags
  for material and orientation?

Here's one I made earlier:


I went with "tourism=information; information=stone" to parallel "information=guidepost" and "information=route_marker" which are more commonly used as route markers.

Another example (tagged slightly differently, that probably wouldn't work for the Cotswold Way one) is:


Another one (not part of a route this time) is


That one is a stone flush with the pavement nd sounds a bit like yours but perhaps a bit more arty.

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